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New Nigerian song evokes the hidden LGBTIQ+ reality

Promotional poster for "Take Off Your Mask", which explores the emotional turmoil of LGBTQ reality

Promotional poster for “Take Off Your Mask”, which explores the emotional turmoil of LGBTQ reality


In a world where many regions still criminalize homosexuality, such as Nigeria, the LGBTQ+ community often finds itself leading lives marked by secrecy and the constant struggle to conceal their true identities.

This poignant reality is beautifully encapsulated in a fresh release by Cuebitze, the Lagos-based Nigerian musician and fashion artist, who presents a stirring exploration of the emotional turmoil that accompanies the act of living a double life.

No doubt, the overall message of the song can be likened to the struggles of LGBTQ+ people who are striving to conform to society’s entrenched heterosexual norms.

“Take Off Your Mask,” a soul-stirring, three-minute-plus composition, is a melodic journey set against a slow-tempo folk-style backdrop. It unveils the internal struggle of an individual who yearns to cast aside the cloak of pretense and live an authentic life. It’s a narrative that resonates profoundly with the experiences of countless LGBTQ+ individuals who are silently grappling with the weight of societal expectations and longing for the freedom to be themselves.

While the song’s lyrics weave a tapestry of poignant nostalgia, they also manage to shine a beacon of hope. Particularly compelling is the moment when the singer utters the empowering words, “Take the mirror and see for yourself, for the wonder you are.” It’s a transformative reminder that self-acceptance is a vital step toward liberation.

Beyond its melancholic undertones, “Take Off Your Mask” takes its listeners on an emotional roller-coaster, where bitterness mingles with sweetness, ultimately delivering a central message of hope, resilience, and the emancipation that comes with embracing one’s true self. Cuebitze’s lyrical prowess is nothing short of impressive, and his soothing baritone-like voice has the power to penetrate even the most unyielding hearts.

With this new release, Cuebitze offers not only a piece of music but a profound and heartfelt narrative, inviting listeners to delve into the struggles and triumphs of those who yearn for acceptance and authenticity. “Take Off Your Mask” is a compelling testament to the power of music in conveying emotions, fostering understanding, and ultimately, inspiring change.

You can experience the evocative journey of “Take Off Your Mask” by Cuebitze on Audiomack here  and on Soundcloud here.

Source: African Human Rights Media Network member NoStringsNG