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Gay-obsessed Nigerian pastor denounces ‘intriguing’ homosexuality

By NoStringsNG Contributor

A tech-savvy Nigerian pastor is spreading an ongoing stream of homophobia online, having developed almost a fixation on the topic of homosexuality.

Pastor Damilola Oluwatoyinbo

Pastor Damilola Oluwatoyinbo

The pastor, Damilola Oluwatoyinbo, has dedicated numerous sermons online and in person to denouncing what he views as a “challenging, intriguing, and captivating” subject.

He  is the leader of the  Lagos-based KINGS church, which stands for “Kingdom Influencers in Nations, Generations, and Systems”.

The church has recently focused on “navigating the complexities of body alterations and gender identity with love,” according to its Facebook page.

Oluwatoyinbo has vehemently denounced homosexuality, claiming that it results from  Western propaganda — a sentiment echoing many people who lack understanding and empathy towards individuals who identify as homosexual.

Oluwatoyinbo has announced that the entirety of February and parts of March will be devoted to discussing and addressing questions about the LGBTQ community. In line with this, his church circulated flyers with provocative themes such as “Isn’t being like Bob risky?”, “Born a gay vs Born again”, “LGBTQ: That could have been me”, “Feeling, fantasy…,finding freedom”, and “What’s the big deal?”.

Screenshot from one of Pastor Damilola Oluwatoyinbo’s anti-gay sermons. (Photo source: Instagram | Click the photo to watch on Instagram)

Reflecting on the enthusiasm and focus of this pastor, it becomes apparent that he may be harboring repressed homosexual urges or perhaps is simply exploiting controversial topics to garner attention and popularity on social media—a tactic not uncommon in today’s digital age.

Despite Oluwatoyinbo’s claims of empathy and understanding, his words speak otherwise. Through his sermons, he has equated homosexuality with adultery, rape, and alcoholism, even labeling it as a “Poverty-sponsored behavior for many, especially in Nigeria.” Such rhetoric not only reveals his homophobia but also his lack of insight.

Sadly, Oluwatoyinbo is just one among many pastors who condemn homosexuality as sinful or evil—a misconception prevalent across various Christian religious denominations. However, numerous Christian scholars and theologians have challenged that interpretation of the Bible’s stance on homosexuality, offering new perspectives that suggest a more loving interpretation of scripture. [See, for example, the article “Correcting the old wrong ideas about Sodom, Gomorrah” and the article “Beyond Sodom: A biblical case for repealing sodomy laws”.]

Ultimately, it’s essential to recognize that homosexuality is a natural aspect of human diversity, and individuals of diverse sexual orientations can embrace various religions. Encouragingly, we are witnessing a gradual shift within the Church, particularly in the Western Catholic Church, towards greater acceptance and inclusion of LGBTQ+ individuals.

Source: African Human Rights Media Network member NoStringsNG.