Struggling Nigerian musician Waconzy turns to homophobia

Afro-soul Nigerian musician Obinna Kelvin Anyanwu, popularly known as Waconcy, is trying to revive his musical career by promoting homophobia. He has condemned gays and lesbians, saying that they have nothing to offer but HIV.

Waconzy, who was born in Port Harcourt, gained some popularity with his song “I Celebrate” in 2010 but since then has struggled. His attempts at making a comeback have not succeeded.

Now the musician has taken to Instagram to display his ignorance and homophobia. He posted “Gays & lesbians are bad children wey no gree change. They have nothing to offer to this world but HIV.”

“It’s a scam,” he added. “Why can’t they learn to love the opposite sex?”

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Given Nigeria’s increasing homophobia toward homosexuals due to ignorance on the issue, his statement can only encourage further  discrimination and stigma.

It reinforces the mistaken notions that homosexuality is a choice, that homosexuals can decide to be attracted to women, and that HIV is limited to the gay community. Such ignorance and stigma hinder efforts to prevent HIV and care for LGBTQ+ persons living with the virus.

Waconzy needs to learn that anyone regardless of their sexual orientation can contract HIV, the virus which causes AIDS. If he understood the harm that such a post can cause to innocent lives, he would quickly take it down and apologize.



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    It is not homophobia. Waconzy is right. Gay men spread aids faster. Please hell fire is real and homosexuals will not enter heaven.You guys need to stop this madness. Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand and leave Waconzy alone!