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‘Gay people are more than their lifestyle choices’, Nigerian author declares

Nigerian author Timi Waters explains the importance of including queer characters in Nigerian literature.

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By Mike Daemon

In Nigeria, discussion of homosexuality is taboo, but author Timi Waters believes that Nigerian literature needs to include positive and objective representation of queer Nigerians.

Publicity image shows Nigerian author Timi Waters.

On a new episode of the NoStrings Podcast hosted by Mike Daemon, the author speaks about what inspired her decision to include queer characters in her books.

“When I set out to write, I made a promise to myself to write stories that are true representations of society as we know it, so, choosing to infuse queer characters in my novel is a response to that promise I made to myself,” she said.

Waters also speaks about the need for understanding and acceptance of gay people.

“We live in a part of the world where the narrative has always been boy meets girl, they fall in love, and they live happily ever after. So what happens when boy meets boy or when girl meets girl? Do we continue to treat these people as greenhorn monsters ignoring their other qualities, ignoring that they are neighbours, friends, and colleagues? Or do we want to begin to share their experiences to create awareness that though they may not fit into our molds we’ve created, a narrative that we’ve created for ourselves, that we’ve created for our world? They are people, brothers, and sisters… and they are more than their lifestyle choices.”

Listen below.