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Intersex Nigerian woman is telling her story through Facebook

Queen Qbola Girl (Photo courtesy Facebook/Queen Qbola Girl)

Queen the Qbola Girl is using Facebook to show Nigerians what being intersex means (Photo courtesy Facebook/Queen Qbola Girl).

By Mike Daemon

An intersex Nigerian known as Queen the Gbola Girl, has piqued the curiosity of many on social media following a recent identity reveal.

Prompted by inquiries from her intrigued followers, Queen, whose identity as an intersex woman has sparked conversations online, has taken to Facebook to share a series of explanatory videos aiming to shed light on her experiences and her identity as an intersex person.

Despite her openness on social media, there remains limited information available about Queen’s background or personal life. Nevertheless, her unwavering confidence in living openly as a woman while also embracing her male genitalia and other female characteristics has garnered attention.

This openness is not uncommon among intersex individuals, who may possess both male and female sex characteristics, albeit to varying degrees. However, Queen’s visibility highlights the prevailing lack of education surrounding intersex issues.

In Nigeria, misconceptions about intersexuality are widespread, with many viewing it as unnatural or even evil. It is crucial to recognize that intersex is a natural variation of human biology, occurring in approximately 1 in 1,500 to 1 in 2,000 live births.

Despite their prevalence, intersex individuals often encounter stigma, discrimination, and coercive medical interventions aimed at conforming their bodies to binary male or female norms. Consequently, there has been a growing movement advocating for intersex rights and acknowledging the diverse experiences of intersex individuals.

Source: African Human Rights Media Network member NoStringsNG