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LGBTIQ+ Nigerians get new chat and counseling mobile app

NoStrings Development Initiatives, Nigeria’s leading LGBTIQ+ media advocacy group, has launched a new social and counseling mobile app for the country’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ+) community.

From the African Human Rights Media Network

Promotional Image for the Qtalk app.

Through the app, LGBTIQ+ Nigerians living in the country will gain free access to certified LGBTIQ+-friendly therapists who will provide them with psychosocial support services. They will also have access to legal experts who will provide them with legal support and advice upon request.

Other added features of the app include chat forums and private chats where they can stay in touch with each other and engage meaningfully.

Another exciting section of the app offers users access to LGBTIQ+-focused news and articles from Africa flowing from its partner website RightsAfrica.com, an online news platform that provides reliable LGBTIQ+-focused news content from across Africa.

Mike Daemon, executive director of the organization, said he was excited seeing the idea come to life and how much good can be achieved with the app.

“I am super-excited to have been a part of this project as well as seeing it come to reality. My team and I are very proud of the project’s result. Particularly the impact it will have on my community.

“This is because gay Nigerians like me go through hell every single day just trying to survive. This takes a toll on our mental health, and given the society’s hypocrisy towards people of my kind, we are constantly being forced to stay silent and isolated. So, therefore, I am elated to know that with this app so much will change”

The app can be accessed via Google Playstore HERE, or directly from the app’s official website at https://qtalkonline.com