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Nigeria’s first LGBTIQ+-focused online store is here!

Equality Hub, a Nigerian LBQ-focused non-profit, has recently launched an online retail store that offers quality and affordable LGBTIQ+ customized items.

From the African Human Rights Media Network

Model shows a pro-LGBTIQ+ shirt on sale at the EH Online Store. Photo Source: EHSTORE.NG

By Mike Daemon

Equality Hub launched its EH Online Store to promote LGBTIQ+ visibility, which is key to advancing and accelerating acceptance and the recognition of the human rights of LGBTIQ+ people.

The store offers exclusive customized items such as mugs, shoes and t-shirts that are geared for LGBTIQ+ customers.

Promotional image for EH Store. Photo Source: EHSTORE.NG

Promotional image for EH Store. Photo Source: EHSTORE.NG

Pamela Adie, executive director of Equality Hub, said that the idea is not only to sell products that will  appeal to queer Nigerians but also to promote LGBTIQ+ visibility in Nigeria, which is a core focus of her organization.

“As you know, we’re all about viability and representation. We started this store because we looked around and could not find any merchandise that combined being queer and being Nigerian,” she said.

“And we also wanted to enable people to resist homophobia by being visible” she stated.

Adie, who is a 2018 Obama Foundation Leader, said she understood that many people would not be completely receptive of the products offered just yet, but that the essence was to provide some level of visibility through the brand.

“We don’t expect people to be comfortable with the idea just yet, although some people are already buying items, especially our Pride mugs. I think people will grow into the idea with time. There are many ways to be visible and heard and one of the ways is by wearing a t-shirt or drinking from a mug — various ways to pass messages without saying anything,” she said.

Speaking about the current level of receptivity for the products offered on the store, Adie sounded optimistic. Although the store is all-new with minimal promotion, the reception has been somewhat encouraging.

“Obviously, the brand is new. And we’re still in the stage of creating awareness. The interest has been good, and we hope it will be better,” she concluded.

To order items from the store, visit: https://www.ehstore.ng