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Here’s how LGBTIQ+ Africans can celebrate Pride this year while at home

Even if they’re home-bound because of Covid-19, all LGBTIQ+ communities in Africa will be able to celebrate Pride this year, thanks to a group that is preparing Pride festivities for August.

From the African Human Rights Media Network

By Mike Daemon

Logo for Pride Afrique. (Source: Google Images)

Even though some parts of Africa are making significant progress in terms of the recognition of LGBTIQ+ human rights, many African countries still have discriminatory laws against homosexuality, making it difficult for queer people to celebrate Pride. However, much is about to change.

A broad coalition of activists, grassroots organizations, allies, and advocates of LGBTQIA Africa is all set to organize a virtual Pride event for members of the LGBTIQ+ community in Africa aimed at celebrating queer identities and visibility.

The three-day event Pride Afrique is scheduled for August 14-16 this year. Participation is free. It will be open to all LGBTIQ+ persons and allies in Africa.

The event will be broadcast live on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Details of the activities have not yet been announced.

Key persons behind the event are U.K-based Nigerian trans women Noni Salma and Miss Sahhara.

Indeed much is changing in Africa, as LGBTIQ+ persons are claiming their spaces and taking control of their narratives and becoming more visible.

Recently many other groups especially in Nigeria have taken bold steps to organize virtual pride events to celebrate the uniqueness of being queer, loud, and proud.

Examples of such events are the just-concluded Pride 2020, organized by the Bisi Alimi Foundation and the Nganga celebration put together by One Action Foundation.