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Rightify Ghana launches fundraising appeal to expand advocacy for LGBTQI+ people

A leading LGBT advocacy group in Ghana that has put a spotlight on what it calls the “worst anti-LGBTQ bill ever” is seeking donations from LGBTQ rights supporters worldwide in order to continue its work.

Advocates seek recognition of human rights of LGBTQ Ghanaians. (Mikiodo/Jason Lalor photo courtesy of Rightify Ghana)

For months, Rightify Ghana has been publicizing and opposing the efforts of the nation’s anti-LGBTQ coalition to pass a repressive bill titled the “Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill.”

The bill would expand Ghana’s existing laws that criminalize gay sex, by criminalizing a range of other activities associated with LGBTQ people. It would prohibit public displays of same-sex affection, distribution of any material considered pro-LGBTQ, advocacy for LGBTQ rights, and same-sex weddings. It would require citizens to report LGBTQ rights advocacy and homosexual activity to police or other authorities, essentially criminalizing anyone who is friends or family, or even associates with queer people.

The bill also encourages the use of so-called “conversion therapy,” a pseudo-scientific treatment that some claim to be able to make a gay person straight, but which has been denounced as an ineffective and abusive practice by most reputable medical associations.

Rightify Ghana is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2020 to help raise awareness of LGBTQI+ issues and empower LGBTQI+ community members in Ghana.

It has launched a fundraiser aimed at supporting its current activities and expanding them to serve LGBTQI+ Ghanaians in rural areas.

Rightify Ghana writes in its fundraising appeal:

For decades, LGBTQI+ Ghanaians have experienced targeted violence and other forms of human rights violations. LGBTQI+ Ghanaians experience blackmail, beating, public outing, suspension from school, loss of employment, and homelessness, among other hardships. The situation is even worse for LGBTQI+ Ghanaians in rural communities where a lack of LGBTQI+ human rights organisations means virtually no support for LGBTQI+ people in documenting abuses against them, accessing psychosocial support, human rights education, or other skills and professional development support. LGBTQI+ are at higher risk of blackmail, job loss, and eviction because of suspicion of their sexual orientation.

The Empower for Better Project seeks to build the capacity of the LGBTQI+ community to strengthen ally networks, document and report human rights violations, monitor media reporting on LGBTQI+ issues and amplify LGBTQI+ perspectives about issues affecting their lives. Through these, we hope to better empower our LGBTQI+ community to self-mobilize in tackling pressing issues and develop our own solutions, where possible.

What Your Donation Will Help Fund:

1. Our Safe Space: Help us acquire and maintain a safe space and office to provide services to LGBTQI+ Ghanaians
2. Our Website: Help build Rightify Ghana’s website, which will complement and expand on the organisation’s social media presence on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The site will serve as a hub for sharing resources, documenting reports of human rights violations, and publishing in-depth reports on LGBTQI+ issues in Ghana.
3. Our Lobbying Activities: Help cover the logistical costs of advocating against the anti-LGBTQI+ bill, including transportation and publication of informational materials.
4. Our Operations: Help us acquire office equipment and cover operational costs including compensation for staff labor and utilities.

Help us to strengthen our organisation to mobilize and empower our community while highlighting issues affecting the LGBTQI+ community through our publications.

Twitter: @RightifyGhana
Instagram: @Rightify_Ghana
Facebook: Rightify Ghana