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Here’s an empowering new song by a queer Nigerian singer

The queer-focused Nigerian music recording company LIFFE Music has just released an empowering new song by one of its signed acts.

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Kaylan’s promotional poster for the song ‘Special One’. (Photo source: LIFFE Music on Facebook)

By Mike Daemon

As part of its mission to empower LGBTIQ+ voices through music, in early 2022 the music recording company and academy launched the initiative ‘Queer Voices Nigeria’ to discover and train talented young Nigerian queer singers. As part of the project, five selected male singers signed distribution deals with the company.

Previously the company had released several debut singles from its other signed acts, including ‘You’ by Matty and ‘Don’t Give Up’ by Minnic.

The label has now released a new single, ‘Special One’, recorded by LIFFE Music’s Kaylan.

Kaylan (Photo source: LIFFE Music on Facebook)

The song is about self-affirmation and the need to take control of one’s narrative rather than letting other people define who you are. It also speaks about self-awareness, acceptance, courage, boldness, and how uniquely special we all are as human beings.

Delta-State-born Kaylan, age 26, was not only a talented musician but also a political scientist and a researcher whose core interest was to use music as a tool for advocacy and therapy for the Nigerian queer community.

Unfortunately, his life was cut short last year by an unknown illness.

Kaylan had an electrifying personality. He was an inspiration to many young queer persons, especially in his local community.

Songs of this nature can be therapeutic to LGBT people who are often subjected to verbal and physical abuse and discrimination from society at large which often leads to negative self-esteem.
To listen to Kaylan’s song ‘Special One’, click HERE.