Nigerian singer Aṣa celebrates the diversity of love in her latest song

Screenshot from Aṣa's music video "Odo".

Screenshot from Aṣa’s music video “Odo”. (Source: YouTube)

By Mike Daemon

Paris-born Nigerian songstress Aṣa has just released her newest single, “Odo,” accompanied by a captivating music video, much to the delight of her devoted fanbase.

In “Odo,” Aṣa candidly shares her reflections on unconditional love in its purest manifestation. Notably, she meticulously ensured that the visual narrative of the song’s lyrics authentically captured the essence of emotion.

The award-winning singer-songwriter, whose personal life remains shrouded in speculation regarding her sexuality, fearlessly portrays the multifaceted nature of love, transcending societal norms and prejudices.

While glimpses of queer relationships are subtly depicted in the video, Aṣa’s understated representation underscores the importance of inclusivity and acceptance, particularly during a period when the LGBTQ+ community continues to advocate for visibility and equality.

True to her signature style, the track boasts a mid-tempo melody with delicate guitar riffs, creating an ethereal ambiance that beautifully complements Aṣa’s smoky vocals.

Since its release, the song has captured the hearts of many, garnering over 70,000 views on YouTube within a mere 10 days. “Odo” marks Aṣa’s first new work since her fifth studio album V, which was released in 2022.

Many have lauded Aṣa’s narrative prowess and songwriting finesse, particularly applauding the artistic direction of the accompanying music video directed by Andy Madjitey. Some even called it her actual come-back, as ‘V’ saw a departure from her neo-soul roots towards a fusion of Afrobeat, pop, R&B, and electronic influences.

Source: African Human Rights Media Network member NoStringsNG.