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‘It messed me up big time’: Nigerian youth shares homophobic experiences

Openly gay Nigerian student Matthew Blaise has shared some of the homophobic slurs and attacks he has experienced at school.

From the African Human Rights Media Network

Matthew Blaise. Photo Source: Facebook

By Mike Daemon

Undergraduate student Matthew Blaise recently went on Twitter to share about 5 cases of homophobic assaults and harassments he has experienced living openly as a gay youth  in Nigeria.

Homophobic attacks are common in the country. Every day, the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) people are violated by state and non-state actors. Perpetrators enjoy impunity because the law doesn’t protect LGBTIQ+ people.

Religion and ignorance about LGBTI issues are the leading cause of homophobia in Nigeria.

Blaise is frustrated with his situation, having suffered multiple human rights violations and hate crimes says He is now struggling with his mental health, he says.

“Everything that happened to me messed me up big time, I won’t lie. I still haven’t recovered from any of them. I now deal with a complicated paranoia and anxiety. I’m not in a good place mentally at all. Much has happened. I have passed them but I know many will still come” he tweeted.

Read his tweets below.