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Uche Jombo’s new film has a lesson for scamsters who pretend to be gay

A new web series produced by super-star Nollywood actress and film producer, Uche Jombo, highlights issues relating to men pretending to be gay in order to blackmail or defraud gay men.

From the African Human Rights Media Network

Screenshot from the film. Source: Nvivo.net

By Mike Daemon

Many young Nigerian men, deceive gay men into believing that they also are gay with an intention to rip them off. Things can get very ugly for both parties, but most often gay men are blackmailed and threatened with having their sexual preferences involuntarily exposed.

However, Jumbo’s new series ‘Social Media Slay’ addresses and highlights the issue from a different and interesting perspective with an exciting twist.

The reality/drama series is based around real-life experiences of people who create false lives on the Internet.

The film was released under Jombo’s film company Uche Jombo Studios and is exclusively available on Nvivo TV, a new Nigerian online free video streaming platform.

Episode 3 of the series is a must-watch, especially for those thinking about deceiving gay people for financial gain.

This is particularly exciting as we are beginning to witness an era where queer issues are being objectively addressed in the Nigerian mainstream media.

To watch the film, click HERE.