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Meet the Nigerian teenager using Instagram to boost queer visibility

18-year-old Nigerian video creator and Instagram and TikTok influencer @itisbobby is using his platform to highlight relevant queer issues.

By Mike Daemon

Itisbobby. (Photo Source: Instagram)

The teenager gained online popularity after a video of him dancing in a manner that some might consider “womanly” went viral. 

The viral video, which attracted millions of views, showed the teen publicly dancing carefree in school uniform to the amazement of fellow students who did nothing but stare at him.


Since Itisbobby (who prefers not to use his full name) gained online relevance, he has been consciously creating content that highlights and reflects the everyday reality of LGBTIQ+ folks in the country.

Most of his content shows him dancing in public spaces to his favorite songs or telling an impactful story laced with some bit of queerness.


In one of his videos, he highlighted the dangers of being bisexual and maintaining a secret relationship with multiple partners, a situation that is common among bisexual people.


The young man is on a mission to make a mark for himself in a society where queer folks are often condemned and persecuted for looking and being different.

Despite the negative feedback that he has been receiving, while speaking to NoStringsNG, he acknowledged his commitment to creating queer-related content.

“This is what I want to do. I don’t care what anybody says as long as I am not committing any crime or breaking any law. I just give them a blind eye and let them say what they like. I don’t let it get to me,” he says.

Itisbobby’s content is a breath of fresh air for queer Nigerians who want to see their realities highlighted in the media, especially as much of the content shared online is either homophobic or promotes heterosexuality as the only valid sexual orientation. His content is both entertaining and impactful and has layers of messages that queer people can unravel and relate to.

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