It’s time to review laws against minorities, Presidential hopeful says

Nigerian 2023 presidential aspirant Dorathy Aken’ova, has spoken about the need for Nigeria to re-visit discriminatory laws against marginalized communities.

From the African Human Rights Media Network.
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Dorathy Aken’ova. (Photo Source: Instagram)

By Mike Daemon

Dorathy Aken’ova is a Nigerian feminist and activist with decades of commitment working towards protecting and advancing the rights of vulnerable and marginalized communities in Nigeria.

On a new episode of the Nostrings Podcast hosted by Mike Daemon, the activist spoke candidly about her political aspirations, her work, and also about what needs to be done to ensure the human rights and protection of all minority groups.

In the history of Nigeria, this is the first time a Nigerian with a political interest let alone a presidential aspirant is speaking openly about Nigeria’s double standards towards marginalized communities, especially towards its LGBT population.

“I believe that we are all born equal in rights and dignity, nothing will ever change that principle,” Aken’ova says. “It’s a principle, it’s a value, a core value, now our constitution, you know we now have laws that are anti-discrimination. This is time for Nigerians to begin to revisit those laws. We are a signatory as a Nation to conventions and treaties on human rights mostly with no reservations as far as I remember.”

The podcast conversation also explored various human rights issues such as gender equality and equal access to justice and law reforms.

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