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Nigerian celebrity Uti urges women to stop bullying gay men


Uti Nwachukwu

Uti Nwachukwu

Renowned Nigerian actor, TV presenter, model, and musician Uti Nwachukwu recently took to Instagram to shed light on the reasons behind why many gay men choose to marry women.

In response to a user advocating for openness about one’s sexuality, Uti offered insights into the societal pressures that drive individuals to conceal their true identities through cover-up marriages.

Speculation about Uti’s own sexual orientation has been a topic of discussion, making his perspective on this matter particularly intriguing. He emphasized that the key to breaking this cycle lies in reducing the stigma associated with coming out.

According to Uti, the pervasive bullying directed at gay men, especially after they take the brave step to come out, discourages other closeted gay men from revealing their sexual orientation and persuades many of them to enter cover-up marriages instead.

In his Instagram response, Uti expressed a poignant viewpoint: “women need to stop bullying the ones who have come out the closet! The more shame you give to men, the more they will marry women to cover up. Choice is yours.”

Screen shot from Instagram

Screen shot from Instagram

This statement captures the essence of the struggle faced by gay men in a society where acceptance is often elusive.

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In countries like Nigeria, where LGBT activity is criminalized, cover-up marriages typically involve a gay man marrying either a lesbian or, more commonly, a cisgender heterosexual woman who remains unaware of her husband’s sexual orientation.

The repercussions of such marriages are often far from pleasant, particularly when the truth is eventually revealed.

While the decision to enter into a cover-up marriage may seem like a pragmatic choice under societal and familial pressure, the toll it takes is significant and can be destructive.

Emotional harm is inflicted not only upon the gay individual but also on their unsuspecting spouse. The aftermath of these revelations can be tumultuous and painful.

Uti’s insights underscore the urgency for societal and governmental change in recognizing and respecting individuals’ rights to freely choose their life partners, irrespective of gender identity. Sadly, cover-up marriages will persist until a more inclusive and accepting environment is fostered.

Edited By Mike Daemon

Source: African Human Rights Media Network member NoStringsNG.