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Nigerian model becomes the first trans contestant in a beauty pageant

Transgender Nigerian woman Veso Golden Oke, age 25, is competing in a beauty pageant in Ghana alongside other women.

Veso Golden Oke. Photo Source: Facebook

By Mike Daemon

In Africa, trans people are subjected to frequent abuse and discrimination on the basis of their gender identity. Yet Oke, a model who lives openly as a trans woman in Ghana, has been allowed by the organizers to compete in the 2019 edition of the Miss Europe Continental, occurring this month in Ghana.

She is now officially recognized as the first trans woman allowed to openly compete in a mainstream beauty pageant in Africa. If she wins the competition in Ghana, then she’ll be chosen to represent Ghana at the Miss Europe Continental, which will take place in Italy.

Veso Golden Oke [at left] poses before the start of the Miss Europe Continental Ghana 2019. Photo source: Facebook.

Oke who has the support of her parents, currently works in Ghana as a mentor for female models, some of whom have won pageants.

Many people who do not understand what it means to be trans think that Oke is gay, but in a previous interview with NoStringsNG, Oke removed any doubts about that:

“I have never been gay.  I am a woman from childhood. I have always thought, dressed and walked as a girl and sometimes when I was much younger I prayed before going to bed that by morning God should transform me into a girl,” she said.


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    I think this is a good development (I mean from a personal viewpoint). As a society, we cannot force these people to leave as men, when psychologically they are women. My only concern is they also have a right to live as every other living thing. They were born this way and should be allowed to live this way. If Ghana has achieved this, then they are a few miles from being the biggest African civilization of the 21st century. I’m currently researching to write a book on the “Third Gender” which seeks to educate the world in understanding that there is more to life than stereotype. The book is inspired and dedicated to a guy/lady that was born and assigned male at birth in my village but when I met her in her teen ages,he had grown into a beautiful young woman with succulent protuberant breasts!!!

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      Oluwabusayo 2 years ago

      My Dear NO ONE was born a gay or a lesbian. I hear alot of nonsense in our time. Instead of male or female you see things like GENDER ASSIGNED AT BIRTH. In other words my mom or the nurse just looked at me and stamped penis or Virgina on me. Did this lady in your book also have a female genital?