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Nigerian employer rejects job seeker outed by closeted gay employee

A Nigerian man has shared details about how he lost an employment opportunity after he was outed as gay. Such discrimination is common in Nigeria, but this case was unusual in that a gay man triggered the rejection of the gay job-seeker.

From the African Human Rights Media Network.
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Generic photo of a worried man.

By Mike Daemon

In a screenshot that was shared on Facebook, Melvin (a pseudonym for his safety) revealed that he lost a chance for a job paying 100,000 naira (about US $240) a month after he was outed by a closeted gay man.

That man, an employee of the organization where Melvin applied for work, had sought to date Melvin years ago and been turned down.

Melvin said he was qualified for the position and even received a phone call from a staff member who informed him that they were impressed with his interview performance and were looking to employ him. But later he received another call, telling him that they were no longer interested in hiring him because he is gay.

Melvin has no doubt that the spurned gay man betrayed him.


See the screenshots below.

This is just a sad but familiar reality for LGBTIQ+ persons living in Nigeria where they continue to face various forms of discrimination based on their real or perceived sexual orientation.